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Thoughts on Small Scale Computing and Home Automation.

Intro to HouseMon

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Having got a room sensor up and running on the bench, I now want to log the values somewhere. I’m still searching for a Home Automation server that ticks all the boxes, so for now I’ll use HouseMon from Jeelabs. The birds-eye view of how it works is here, and the source can be found on GitHub here.

Airwick Room Node

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To create a room sensor node with the JNu, I’ve attached a AM2302 (also known as a DHT22) temperature and humidity sensor and modified the radio blip sketch to communicate with the sensor and return the data in the radio blip payload.

First Ramblings

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For this first post, I’ll intoduce the general themes of this blog and a little about myself.

So what sort of things will appear here? In no particular order:

  • Hardware, usually microcrontrollers, e.g. AVR, Arm.
  • Software, for the above hardware, but also PC based (Windows and Linux).
  • Home Automation, hardware and software.
  • Other random topics that take my fancy.